Those looking for a beach style finish may choose the lighter colour of beech, while oak and maple can provide warmth and character to a room design. You are not going to struggle to find the right match to meet your unique needs when choosing engineered wood flooring.

Many people choose this particular option because you don’t need any major preparation before installation. It can even be installed directly onto concrete. This makes it ideal for all rooms from the living spaces to the bedrooms and your hallway to even your basement

. Everyone knows you cannot install a solid wood floor in a basement, the damp and cold of a basement will cause the wood to start warping, rotting and brimming with mould and mildew. With the engineered options, you can even install in the basement as the flooring is mildew and mould resistant and can handle the cold and dampness, along with being easily installed directly onto the concrete for added convenience.

What makes this flooring so popular is how easy it is to install. In most instances it comes with a simple tongue and groove clip system which enables you to snap each piece into position quickly and effectively. This can dramatically reduce installation time so if you have chosen installation specialists to install your new floor, you can save money on labour in the long run.

The final two benefits you will find with engineered wood flooring is that it is affordable when compared to other flooring choices and it comes with an excellent warranty, depending on the manufacturer. Some offer thirty years if not more, so you can buy with complete confidence.